About Complete SET

We offer multi-disciplinary services to our clients so as their needs change we grow along with them.

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$50 million in dealmaking


150+ digital projects serviced


10 years in a row of company growth


Fully licensed, certified, bonded, and insured

Executive Leadership

Tanner Simkins // Founder & CEO


With Complete SET Agency, Tanner Simkins has been responsible for over $50 million in dealmaking. In addition to leading the agency, Simkins is a certified NFL & CFL contract advisor.  Since 2016, Simkins has negotiated 12 NFL contracts, 20+ CFL contracts, and had clients on multiple championship winning teams. 

Simkins has built or acquired over dozen companies of varying status and scale through Complete SET’s venture fund. 

Simkins holds degrees from the University of Miami and Columbia University.


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