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Tanner Simkins is founder and CEO of Complete SET, a full service sports entertainment firm. In addition to leading the agency, Simkins is a certified agent and contract advisor for football (NFL, CFL) and basketball (FIBA, NBA).

Some of Tanner’s past experience includes a championship season in event services with the Miami Heat, corporate hospitality surrounding the World Cup, management solutions for two Super Bowls, and more. Tanner has been nationally recognized by Viacom for his work in sports media. And earned the Ivy League distinction to serve as Fellow for the Ivy Sports Symposium and Global Sports Symposium. He was recently named a first tier member of the Forbes Business Council. Simkins also serves as the Director of Business Development for Horrow Sports Ventures and as the Senior Vice President of Sports and Entertainment for Ribbon, Labs.

Simkins, a Miami native, graduated Columbia University in 2014 with a Masters Degree in Sports Business. Simkins also holds two degrees with honors from the University of Miami. Simkins has been nominated for E360 top innovative CEO and Cynopsis Media Rising Star awards. As a thought leader in the space, Simkins also writes business and economics columns for Yahoo! Finance, Entrepreneur Magazine, Thomson Reuters and other national outlets.

Mark Yasak

Reed Weber

Larry Tucker

James Greene

Jolyn Kemp

Director of Marketing

Creative Director

Senior Strategy and Procument

Senior Athlete Advisor


Core External Collaborators

Mike Roberts

Frank Salzano

Joe Favorito

Cornell University & New York University; 20+ years in world class business management

Boston University School of Law; +20 years in legal representation of marquee athlete/entertainers

Fordham University; 30+ years in sports PR and communications